Actes Itinerants

The Sirens (Les Sirenes)

The Sirens

A captivating, interactive all female trio in Victorianesque, mermaid-like costumes, roving with instruments. Read more

Flame (Flamme)

Roving Flame

A stilt dance ensemble inspired by the Greek deities of fire.

Available as two, three or four stilt dancers with an additional live musician. Read more

50’s Rockabilly Sailor Girls

Roving 50's Rockabilly

This lighthearted and energetic roving act is suitable for all ages. Read more

Sailor Gal Circus Show “Une performance itinérante style Années 50”

Sailor Gal

A vibrant four person roving act incorporating circus performance and live music. Read more

Echassiers Vénitiens


Venetian stilt walkers, perfect for adding enchantment to any event. Read more


White Alight (Chauffé à Blanc)

White Alight

Glamorous stilt walking duo with lights incorporated into their costumes; perfect for nighttime events. Read more

Victorian “Cravats and Crinolines (Cravates et Crinolines Victoriennes)


An engaging stiltwalking couple dressed in romantic period costume. Read more

Gypsy Trix

Gypsy Trix

Solo stiltwalking pirate lady with awesome tricks. Read more